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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday evening weekly wrap up

First of all, a big Happy Birthday to my Beloved Spousal Unit, who has been celebrating with her sisters in Oregon all weekend. Its that big birthday, #50, that nobody that's not there yet looks forward to and so to do it right, I sent her off to the left coast to celebrate with her sisters.

Its also our 26th anniversary, (pretty smart of me to align that, don't you think?) and I want to thank my BSU for putting up with me for all these years. Its been a bumpy ride for some of them and I can tell you that the smooth road we have been on lately has been all the more appreciated for the difficult times we have traveled through together.

I've been plenty busy in her absence this weekend. I did a little housecleaning, I went with friend Carol and her 3 off-spring to the Black Island Farms Harvest Festival and Corn Maze last night and had a wonderful time including a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch so that everyone could chose the perfect pumpkin for a jack-o-lantern and on Friday I spent a couple pleasant hours at an auction with my buddy Kenny.

I got away cheap, just $4.50 for a pneumatic nail gun and two old office chairs, one for the shop and one for the computer room. Kenny spent a little more but did make one terrific purchase, a Makita compound radial arm saw for just 50 bucks! I did look at some 4 foot light assemblies that would have been perfect in my shop for just 10 bucks but I would have had to purchase the entire pallet's worth and there must have been 30 or more lights on the pallet. I just decided I didn't feel like messing with trying to reselling all the lights I couldn't use.

Today I spent a few hours with my friend Ben working on my shop. I got one closet door cut out and installed while Ben was over and have just one more and some hasps to install to finish that job. I also got the swamp cooler on the house roof drained, dried out and covered up, my hand-me-down Bike Barn built and installed under the carport, made a charity drop off and ran almost 1400 45ACP cases through my recently purchased brass cleaner and tumbler. I've got one more small batch of 45 brass to clean and then I can get busy setting up the Dillon progressive reloader that I just purchased from another buddy. I'm planning to reload ammo this winter in my spare time!

So that's it really. I've had a good weekend with my friends and the BSU has had a great weekend with her sisters. She will be home tomorrow night and we will celebrate together later this week. The laundry is done except for the folding, (that's next) and my weekend is just about finished.

One last thing, I've discovered that this humble blog has finally broken into the 6 digit visitor count, some time this past week. Thanks to everyone for making that happen!

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